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About Us

strengthen Instituto GESC

About us

We are a network of professionals, with different backgrounds, passionate about a cause – strengthening civil society

Our Mission

“Empower Brazilian civil society stakeholders through education in management, citizenship and sustainability”

GESC Editions


Trained Managers



Educate organizations and social projects participants in management matters


Develop and share technical and scientific knowledge for civil society organizations;


Support and leverage established rights



Propose and influence the formulation of public policies and social solidarity initiatives


Fully use the synergy that arises from the combination of experience and efforts of different professionals, institutions and corporations, in order to mitigate the social debt.

the beginning

A little history

GESC Institute – IGESC was launched in 1994, amongst other social projects developed by FIA, one of the most prestigious and internationally recognized Brazilian Business School. This condition allows us to function as a legitimate bridge between the corporate world and society as a whole.

The connection with FIA ​​ also allowed IGESC to integrate academic knowledge and practical experience, the latter acquired through direct and close interaction with Civil Society Organizations – CSOs, engaged  in a variety of causes.

Since its launch, the GESC Educational Program has served more than 840 social organizations, trained about 1,500 social managers and engaged 1,260 volunteer executives in its 76 editions.



Students of the first FIA MBA in Management founded the AMBA-FIA - Association of Students and Alumni, aiming to contribute to improve the management practices of CSOs.


AMBA-FIA offers the 1st GESC Educational Program in Management for Civil Society Organizations


IGESC develops its 1st Customized Program, in a partnership with C&A Institute


The success of the GESC Educational Program leads AMBA-FIA to found the Institute GESC, to coordinate and scale up the Program.


Launch of GESC in blended learning format, combining long distance education resources with face-to-face activities


IGESC is recognized as an OSCIP - a social organization at service of public interest; Launch of ICBA - International Capacity Building Alliance, in partnership with Novartis and ProFuturo / FIA, which has spread the GESC methodology to several countries in Europe.


First Social Responsibility Consulting Project


In a partnership with IGESC, FIA launches the Postgraduation course in Management for CSOs


Expands activities for social entrepreneurs


Expands formation courses

What we offer


Educational Program in Management for Civil Society Organizations – CSOs
Adopting the proper management practices in a CSO favors:

Its financial sustainability, enhancing the social value of its institutional projects and increasing the probability of offering long lasting services

The improvement of the quality of service to its beneficiaries

The fulfillment of its mission

With approximately 90 hours, distributed throughout four months, the program includes 60 hours of practical activities, such as consulting sessions, visits to the CSOs and workshops, to develop relevant projects to the organizations and to share best practices.

Social consultancy offered throughout the program is the main differential of GESC. Based on a diagnosis made by the participants, supported by their consultants, each organization develops a project or business plan, transferring theoretical concepts to real life practice.

Both theoretical classes and consultancy activities are performed by professionals currently working in public, private and social organizations.

Combining long-distance education resources with face-to-face activities, GESC is the alternative of excellence to serve the different regions of the country.

The Association of MBAs, the international agent responsible for the accreditation of the programs designed and offered by FIA Business School,  acknowledged GESC as one of the best social programs among those offered by 180 business schools worldwide.

GESC materials were translated into English and adopted in France, Turkey and other Eastern European countries, with the support of a global business partner and the Future Studies Program of FIA .

This context and variety of expertise naturally creates a productive space for reflection, debate and exchange of experiences on social responsibility and citizenship.

What we offer


Customized GESC Program

Companies such as the C&A Institute, Natura, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, Israeli Federation of the State of São Paulo – FISESP, Baobá Fund for Social Equity, Solidarity League, Sabesp, State Secretariat for the Rights of Disabled People in São Paulo, Suzano Pulp and Paper and WTorre Construction Company have already offered the GESC to CSOs that operate in the communities around their business units, as a way  of better playing their social role through supporting their activities

This program can include training of company employees to operate as social consultants.

What we offer


Volunteer Training

“Volunteering is much more than donating part of your time, it is about engaging body and soul to transform society.”

Each and every GESC project benefits from the knowledge and experience of students and alumni who have attended a MBA, Post-Graduation or Professional Master’s Program offered by  FIA Business School.

The academic background, sound experience and acumen of these professionals and volunteers enable us to offer adequate training and supervision, so that other volunteers can carry out a consistent, engaged, well-guided and impact-generating work.

What we offer


Consultancy in Projects of Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is today a critical component of the business strategy of successful organizations.

Our familiarity with civil society organizations enables us to support corporations to design and implement social responsibility projects, through creating connections and providing a deeper understanding of the demands and concerns of the communities impacted by their operations.

IGESC has supported Votorantim Institute and Intercement Institute initiatives in this area.